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ELDIA S.A. was established in 1997 in the city of Thessaloniki and is currently an industry leader in waste management and recycling in Greece.

The Company provides rational solutions for issues concerning the solid waste management and disposal of industrial and commercial enterprises, local government or organisations of the broader public sector.

Our Company is governed by the following basic principles:

Consistency in customer service.

Degrading - clearance of the total volume of waste from materials that can be used for recycling.

Reduction of the volume of waste ending up at landfills, in response to the continuously increasing production of waste.

Adoption of modern methods and technologies that maximise the utilisation of materials deriving from waste sorting.

Utilisation of recyclable materials with significant financial gains for enterprises.

Every department in our company is oriented towards protecting the environment, an issue of vital importance for our existence and everyday lives, by providing the best cost effectiveness in the collection and recycling of waste.